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Wow! We seem to have gotten a lot of Facebook traffic today. It seems our post about real life Animal Crossing bugs was pretty popular! Well, we’ve now set up a Facebook page, so if you want to be be the first to read our future articles, be sure to like our brand-spanking new Brewster’s Roost Facebook […]


The best and worst of Etsy

The internet has revolutionised the market for hand-made items and fan art. Sites are popping up all over the web, allowing bedroom artists the means to create, market, and distribute their wares to appreciative fans throughout the world. And these crafty crafters have quickly realised the huge potential for providing the merchandise that fans want […]


Bees. Bees! BEES!

Sometimes, this is how village life feels. Bee sure to check out Awkward Zombie for more AC comics.


Real life Animal Crossing bugs

Whether you’re playing New Leaf, City Folk/LGttC, or Wild World, it’s easy to take bug-catching for granted; hear bug, find bug, catch bug, repeat. However, have you ever stopped to consider that each of these bugs exists in real life? Would you be able to catch one? How big are they? Is Blathers’ disgust at […]


Nintendo Stocks Shoot Up Thanks to New Leaf

This week, Nintendo’s stock reached its highest point since 2011. What has this got to do with Animal Crossing? Well, it’s the phenomenal sales of Animal Crossing: New Leaf that are responsible for this remarkable comeback. Topping the sales chart for weeks after its Japan launch, the game then became the second biggest selling title […]

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