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Official Animal Crossing: New Leaf plushies

We love games merchandise – who doesn’t?! However, some of the stuff that our favourite companies offer is decidedly hit-and-miss. So, you can imagine our delight when we recently discovered that Nintendo had commissioned some high quality New Leaf plushies. K.K Slider, Tom Nook, Resetti, Porter, and Kicks have been available for a while, but they’re […]


The Villager’s secret identity…?

Recent screenshots from the upcoming Super Smash Bros games show Animal Crossing’s protagonist, The Villager, using red balloons to float away from danger. Obviously, for fans of Animal Crossing, these red inflatables bring to mind those that are typically seen drifting across the sky, bearing gifts for any eagle-eyed sharpshooter with a slingshot. However, there is also a far more obscure games reference in there too.


September is here!

September is here! What does that mean for our New Leaf villages? Well, a bunch of new fish and bugs for starters – and a few exciting events to boot…

Now that the heat of August has passed and the nights are noticeably drawing in, you’ll begin to notice a decline in the number of available bugs. Dragonflies, cicadas, beetles, and stags…

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