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Posted by admin on October 1st, 2013

What a technologically advanced world we live in! While we may not yet have the Back to the Future hoverboard so many of us dream of owning, we do have some pretty advanced tech compared to 10 years ago. First and foremost among these innovations is almost certainly the smart phone – a phone-sat nav-media player-camera-computer that fits in your pocket… in your pocket!! And, among about a billion other uses, these gadgets have some pretty handy apps for making the most out of Animal Crossing.

So, without further ado, here are a collection of the best Animal Crossing apps we could rustle up from the net:

Guide for Animal Crossing NL

ACNL Guide 1

Download: Apple and Android

Perhaps the most comprehensive of all the Animal Crossing apps, this guide tells you pretty much everything you could ever want to know. In fact, that’s possibly its main shortcoming; it tells you too much. Having all this information makes everything a bit too easy – and can take the the fun out of discovering things for yourself.

- Lists all fish, bugs, and diving collectables that can be caught each month. Most importantly, it also tells you their value.

- “Catalog” allows you to check which ones you still haven’t caught (though it’s more useful when used as a check-list of donated items)

- Character details – including coffee preferences

- General info on art pieces, furniture, clothing, shells, badges, and unlockable buildings

- Browsable list of community projects

- Full calendar of village events

Turnip Tracker

Turnip Tracker app

Download: Apple (Android version coming soon)

As the name suggests, this clever app – created by one of our readers – primarily allows you to track the price of turnips in your friends’ towns. However, it does so much more besides:

- Track turnip prices and ReTail specials in your friends’ towns (colour codes tell users how old this information is)

- Tell friends your town’s prices and gate status at any given time

- Receive push notifications when friends update their prices/gate status/ specials

- Log in using Facebook or Twitter

QR MyDesign Assistant for Animal Crossing 3DS

Animal Crossing QR picture app

Download: Apple

Have you seen the amazing designs that people have created in New Leaf? Despite their claims to the contrary, the chances are they created the design with a QR image app like this. Simply select the image you want, let the app convert it to a QR code, and then visit Mabel to scan the design into the game.

- Allows you to resize images to appropriate size

- Includes library in which to store your designs

Animal Xing Designer

Animal Crossing Design App

Download: Android

Okay, so maybe we were a little harsh; not all amazing designs are automatically generated. And, for those artistic folk who wish to create complicated designs – but can’t get the desired level of accuracy from their 3DS – there is the Animal Xing Designer app. This little piece of software offers users unparalleled design options for creating unique Animal Crossing masterpieces – be they hats, skirts, jumpers, shirts, signs… whatever!

- Create custom designs with various tools

- Assign phone buttons to functions

- Support for imported images – including those straight from camera.

- QR generator included

- Preview mode allows you to ensure designs are spot-on for their purpose prior to transferring to 3DS

- So much more…!!


Have we missed any great apps? Let us know in the comments section below.

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