Animal Crossing Character Added to Super Smash Bros Roster

Posted by admin on June 11th, 2013

Our favourite franchise had its own stage in Super Smash Bros Melee, and we appreciated that. And the Resetti power-up in that game was by far and away one of the best in computer game history.

Resetti in SSBM

I… can’t… see anything!
Resetti really made his presence known in Super Smash Bros Melee.

What we all really wanted, however, was a playable character. How would Nook fare in a rumble with Pikachu? Could Pelly take down Captain Falcon? Well, we might never know…

… but we will be able to see how powerful The Villager is!

Yes indeed! At E3, Nintendo revealed that the next instalment of the Super Smash Bros franchise, will have our favourite rural philanthropist as a playable character. A-mazing!

We could tell you all about it, but it’s much easier if you just watch the video. ROLL TAPE…!

Of course, if you can’t possibly wait til the game is released, it is possible to hack your Wii to play as AC characters. While we definitely don’t condone such behaviour, we can’t deny it looks brilliant!

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