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Posted by admin on August 25th, 2013

Ah, cosplay… cosplay, cosplay, cosplay. This phenomenon has really taken off over the last decade – probably, in part, due to the decriminalisation of geekdom and, consequently, the massive increase of fiction conventions in the western world. It is now pretty much expected that those attending such shows do so dressed as a favourite film/comic book/computer game character.

Animal Crossing has built up a pretty die-hard following over the last decade or so. As such, it’s unsurprising to see that it has been the subject of a fair few cosplay creations. We’ve picked out some of our favourites… [click images to enlarge]


Animal Crossing Cyrus cosplay costume

Oh, cosplayer of little faith! You don’t need to hold the game for us to recognise your Cyrus outfit…!


Animal Crossing cosplay

Hmmm – Are these cosplayers or official Nintendo reps? The lanyards make us suspect the latter. Either way, great costumes.


Animal Crossing New Leaf Isabelle cosplay

Haha! A brilliant but rather disturbing interpretation of New Leaf’s mayoral assistant…


Animal Crossing ad cast

Okay, these don’t really count. For those that don’t remember, this is the cast of the original Animal Crossing ad in North America. What a great Nook though…!


Animal Crossing Brewster cosplay costume

I do believe we’ve shared this before, but this great/creepy Brewster definitely deserves the exposure.


AAAH! This is a rather dark re-imagining of The Villager.  the same cosplayer made an good version the previous year...

AAAH! This is a rather dark re-imagining of The Villager. The same cosplayer made an good version the previous year…


Mabel and Sable cosplay

Nyaww! Sable is easily one of the best animals in town. As such, we approve wholeheartedly of this cosplay tribute.


Isabelle costume

Wow! A great bit of cosplay, but will we ever be able to look at Isabelle the same way again?!


Great stuff! Have you seen any other great examples of Animal Crossing cosplay? We’d love to know about it. Leave us a comment below, or write on our Brewster’s Roost Facebook page.

One of our Facebook fans just sent us this great picture of her dressed as Tangy. Good work, Lee!

Fan-Made Tangy Costume

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