Animal Crossing update for Collectible Badge Center

Posted by admin on May 26th, 2015

Nintendo has released a load of Animal Crossing badges for their 3DS collect-’em-up, Collectible Badge Center.

‘Collectible what-what?!’, I hear most of you say. Of course, you’d be forgiven for not having heard of it, since it’s only out in Japan and, knowing Nintendo, likely to stay that way.

CBC is basically a grabber game like the ones you find in arcades – the ones where you can possibly maybe perhaps win a stuffed animal/cuddly toy/plushie (we have an international audience) – only, this in 2D and you collect badges from puzzle environments. The ones you successfully grab can then be used to decorate your 3DS’ Home screen… which is a really cool idea. What’s not cool is that it’s freemium so you only get 3 chances per day, and players have to pay real money for additional credits.

A recent update has added loads of Animal Crossing badges to the mix: characters, bugs, flowers, pitfalls and, most curious of all, a badge of Isabelle sporting the Heroine Look (Pink-Zap Helmet & Pink-Zap Suit).

If you’ve never seen the game before, it’s definitely worth a look. The host is hilariously kooky and the range of badges available is vast – and growing! Just a warning though:  once you start looking at the stuff that’s available to Nintendo’s Japanese fans, you might become slightly embittered about how much cool stuff we’re missing out on. Of course, there’s nothing to stop you buying a Japanese 3DS…


What do you think? Is it unfair that we don’t have Collectible Badge Center… or is it just Japanese weirdness? Let us know in the comments.

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