Creepy humanimals

Posted by admin on August 13th, 2013

Here at the Roost, we love fan art; it’s a brilliant way for fans to show their skill and dedication for something that inspires them – be it music, films, comics, or games. In this, the internet era, the creation and sharing of work has really taken off, with countless websites hosting thousands of artistic tributes.

Animal Crossing, with it’s ever-increasing number of loyal devotees, inspires a lot of fan art. And, inspired by the countless simple, beautiful moments the game presents, a lot of these works are truly brilliant. Some, however, are not.

We’re currently in the process of tracking down the very best of these masterpieces for a special feature. We have seen professional sketches and amateur doodles, watercolour Wendells and pastel Petes. We have also seen some things that simply cannot be unseen – depictions of interspecies erotica and ultra-violence that would make even a Saints Row fan blush. It’s probably best that we don’t show you those. However, let us share with you this slightly disturbing re-imagining of City Folk/LGttC.

Animal Crossing dating cover

The horror… the horror…!
[click image to view original on DeviantArt]

It’s not that they’ve humanised the animals; anime has been doing that for years. And it’s not the way Resetti’s foot is at an alarmingly jaunty angle (a mining accident, perhaps?). No – the disturbing thing here is the fact that it’s a dating game. Someone played Animal Crossing and thought ‘I like this, but it’d be better if I could date the villagers’. Not only that, but look at the age classification: blood and gore, intense violence, sexual themes, strong language, and use of alcohol?!

What?! Who?! WHY?!

It’s all rather worrying. However, perhaps most worrying of all is the fact that – in a morbidly curious way – we’d really like to play that game…!

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