Digital artist creates epic Animal Crossing poster

Posted by admin on February 12th, 2016


As regular readers will be well aware, we’re big fans of Animal Crossing fan art, here at Brewster’s Roost. Consequently, today’s discovery has us very excited indeed. Deviant Art-ist, Viking011, has created an epic poster, incorporating every Animal Crossing character. Well, allegedly… we haven’t checked. See for yourself, here.

The 48 x 16″ artwork took him two years to complete and looks like a giant Where’s Wally/Waldo piece. In fact, since it contains every single villager and character, you can challenge your friends to find your favourites. The incredible end product is so big, we can’t actually fit it on here. Besides, that would be slightly unfair to the artist.

Head over to his Deviant Art page to view the poster in all its glory. What’s more, you can even order a physical print from his RedBubble page… amazing!

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