Great Animal Crossing poster available over at Club Nintendo

Posted by admin on February 1st, 2014

Club Nintendo has been rewarding customer loyalty for almost a decade. From covers to currency, cases to cartridges, there have been goodies to please everyone. Of course, the rewards vary greatly from country to country, and UK Nintendophiles have often lamented the inferiority of their Stars Catalogue when compared to the rewards offered in the US and Japan. And now they have two more reasons to be unhappy…

New additions to the North American rewards catalogue include two great new Animal Crossing themed items. The first, a cartridge case with a reversible design is quite nice – though of dubious value to those of you who prefer to keep their software purchases digital. The second, and perhaps more exciting, reward is a big (22″ x 28″) two-sided Animal Crossing poster. On one side, it features the main characters: shop keepers, custodians, and popular villagers. On the other side it features… wait for it… every single resident!

poster 2


Animal crossing villager poster


If past items are anything to go by, these could disappear pretty quickly so head over to Club Nintendo now to get yours. They cost 500 coins and are shipped in a poster container to ensure it doesn’t get squished in the post. With any luck, they’ll be available in other rewards catalogues soon…

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