How to get a free Animal Crossing New Leaf code

Posted by admin on August 25th, 2013

Club Nintendo

Good morning, everyone!

You might remember that, a couple of weeks back, we mentioned that Nintendo are giving away free copies of Animal Crossing: New Leaf to new 3DS XL owners in Europe. There has been a whole lot of commotion online as people desperately try to get their hands on codes, and some Nook-types are even selling their codes…!

However, an enterprising group over at 3DS Buzz have created a free code chain so as to allow everyone a code if they want one. Here’s the deal: You sign up, join the queue, and get given a code when it’s your turn. You then use the code to download the game, and register your acquisition of New Leaf at Club Nintend (as you would a purchased game). After filling out the usual survey, you’ll receive a code of your own to pass on to the next person in the chain. Simple!

If you want to take part, head on over to the forum and join the chain now.

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