How to spot a Crazy Redd fake

Posted by admin on December 18th, 2013

Crazy Redd is a crafty fox. He has fleeced villagers out of their hard-earned bells for over a decade and, given the decidedly lacklustre policing of Animal Crossing, he’ll surely be in business for many years to come. So, how do you stop Redd from getting the best of people? You educate them!

Redd’s counterfeit artworks might look genuine at first glance, but look closer and you’ll see that each has an error that distinguishes it from genuine works of art that Blathers will approve of. Let’s take a look at the legitimate works of art, and what to look out for to ensure you only purchase the real deal!


Dynamic Painting
In the fake, the mountain takes up most of the space beneath the wave.


Solemn Painting
The blonde girl should be the same height as the girl next to her. In the fake, she is nearly double the size.

QuaintQuaint Painting
If the maid is not wearing a hat, the picture is a fake.

BasicBasic Painting
Only one of the boy’s arms should be bent at his side – otherwise it’s a fake.

FamousFamous Painting
Her fingers should point to the bottom-right corner of the image. If they do not, it’s a fake.

PerfectPerfect Painting
There is no fake version of this painting – they’re all genuine. Hooray!

AmazingAmazing Painting
The man in white should be on the right and the man in black on the left. If they’re the other way round, the image is fake.

NiceNice Painting
Another painting which is always genuine. Woot!

MovingMoving Painting
The fake version of this painting has the shell upside-down.

CommonCommon Painting
Always the real deal. Wahey!

FloweryFlowery Painting
This is always genuine. You can’t rip off Van Gogh.

WarmWarm Painting
Another painting which is always genuine.

JollyJolly Painting
The nose should be made from a green vegetable. If it’s made from a carrot and green leaves, it’s a fake.

FineFine Painting
This one is always genuine. Ker-ching!

ScaryScary Painting
This chap should have all his fingers pointing outward. If he’s just pointing the one finger, it’s a fake.

ProperProper Painting
Too legit to quit; this painting is never fake. Win!

NeutralNeutral Painting
In the fake version, the big green leaf has been gnawed by insects.

WorthyWorthy Painting
Always genuine. Blathers will be pleased…!

CalmCalm Painting
The same goes for this one. Buy buy buy!

MoodyMoody Painting
Another painting that’s always legit.

WistfulWistful Painting
Beware the red hair… bandy…. thing. It means it’s not the real deal.

SereneSerene Painting
In the fake version of this, the woman is holding a fluffy cat – rather than that nightmarish abomination.

ScenicScenic Painting
This painting is always real. Super!

WildWild Painting
The light God should be on the left and the dark one on the right. If not, you’re looking at a fake, friend!

GracefulGraceful Painting
If she’s looking left, it’s a she’s a fakey cake maker.

BeautifulBeautiful Sculpture
Venus should have short, ear-length hair. If it’s longer, she’s an imposter.

ValiantValiant Sculpture
Angel wings are genuine. Bat wings are fake.

GallantGallant Sculpture
David’s imposter has a cloth hanging from his right shoulder.

RobustRobust Sculpture
The genuine statue holds a smooth discus: the fake holds a knobbly one.

SONY DSCGreat Sculpture
The fake statue has fingers pointing straight outward, whereas the genuine statue has his pointing slightly upward. Subtle…!

MysticMystic Statue
Make sure that her hat is cylindrical. If it’s spherical, it’s not legit.

AncientAncient Statue
The fake has its eyes open.

MotherlyMother Statue
There should be two kids under the wolf (Romulus and Rhemus)

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