New Leaf sells over 5 million copies

Posted by admin on August 1st, 2013

Oh dear – poor Wii U. It just hasn’t got the killer titles to make it a must-have… yet. The 3DS, on the other hand, is selling like hot cakes… mmm, hot cakes! This is no doubt due – at least in part – to the solid catalogue of fantastic games.

Last month, Nintendo not only posted a profit, but they also reported that Animal Crossing: New Leaf has sold more than 5.4 million copies worldwide. This is, of course, very good news for the console and the franchise itself. The better a title performs, the more support Nintendo are likely to give it.

With any luck, Nintendo will take a lesson from all this. They were reluctant to even release the GameCube Animal Crossing in Europe, and it took a lot of fan pressure to convince them otherwise. By the time they gave in and produced a PAL version, most serious gamers had already imported a copy from America. The same goes for the recent re-release of EarthBound. To give you an idea of how long it took for Nintendo to concede, fans were begging for a re-release of the SNES classic since the Gameboy Advanced!

Action replay version select

Many veteran Animal Crossing fans in Europe will recognise this screen.

So, for everyone that has been playing Animal Crossing from the start*, who knew their way around an Action Replay, and made their friends play it to see how good it really was… I hope you’ll join me in a big, fat “I TOLD YOU SO!”, to the Big N.

Here’s hoping they’ll pay more attention to us in future.

*Not necessarily including the actual original; the Japan-only ‘Dōbutsu no Mori’ on N64

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