Nintendo Stocks Shoot Up Thanks to New Leaf

Posted by admin on July 25th, 2013

This week, Nintendo’s stock reached its highest point since 2011. What has this got to do with Animal Crossing? Well, it’s the phenomenal sales of Animal Crossing: New Leaf that are responsible for this remarkable comeback.

Topping the sales chart for weeks after its Japan launch, the game then became the second biggest selling title in North America. And if you think that ‘second best’ isn’t hugely impressive, it’s worth pointing out that those statistics didn’t even take into account the digital sales – which it SMASHED! It’s estimated that a digital downloads accounted for an additional 20% of sales.

Animal Crossing Joan

Nintendo turnips have shot up in value. Be sure to sell before Sunday…!

Of course, Animal Crossing can’t take all the credit. Two other 3DS titles – Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and Donkey Kong Country Returns – also made it onto June’s top 10 list of best-sellers.

The 3DS console has, for a long time, been something of a dormant beast. With massive potential, but a severe lack of must-have games, this recent influx of high-quality exclusives has finally given the handheld the catalogue it deserves. This, in turn, has boosted consumer confidence and sent sales through the roof. The Nintendo 3DS was the biggest selling console for the last two months, finally overtaking the long-time market leader, Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

Things are really looking up for the Big N. And, let’s not forget that there are additions to the Mario, Pokemon and Zelda franchises coming out this year! *SQUEE!*

Now, if only they could release some killer apps for the Wii U…

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