The best and worst of Etsy

Posted by admin on July 30th, 2013

The internet has revolutionised the market for hand-made items and fan art. Sites are popping up all over the web, allowing bedroom artists the means to create, market, and distribute their wares to appreciative fans throughout the world. And these crafty crafters have quickly realised the huge potential for providing the merchandise that fans want but which official channels won’t provide.

It’s doubtful that these products have much impact upon the sales of official goods; legitimate or not, a wealth of merchandise being created, bought, and shared online, all serves to promote a franchise.

We had a look on one of the most popular crafting sites,, to see what they had to offer Animal Crossing fans. We were not disappointed. So here are the best and worst of the products we found:

The Good:

Wow! We were expecting to find some decent items – but not this many! Honestly, there are enough brilliant Animal Crossing goods on Etsy to make Nookington’s look under-stocked! We couldn’t feature them all, so here are a few of our favourites:

KK Slider 3DS case

A vegan leather 3DS hardcase with hand-painted K.K. Slider decal? Yes please!


Crocheted gyroid

The real world is sadly devoid of buried gyroids. Luckily, you can now buy crocheted ones. Want!


Animal Crossing cookie cutters

Animal Crossing cookie cutters?!
Take all of my bells! TAKE THEM!

The Bad:

Of course, because they’re hand-made and therefore subjected to any form of quality testing, not all products are not quite up to scratch. The effort has to be admired – such products are clearly made by people far more talented than ourselves – but, that said, we wouldn’t want to buy one… or be given one. Sorry!

etsy animal crossing leaf plushy

A plushy Animal Crossing leaf icon… as imagined by Salvador Dalí.

The Ugly:

Oh hey – you know what really sums up what we love about Animal Crossing? That’s right – DOG TAGS! Uh… no wait… what?!

Yes, this is by far the worst item we found. While many of these fan-made products are treading a fine legal line, this one is almost certainly breaking the law since it features the Animal Crossing Logo – which Nintendo has surely trademarked. Its very existence boggles the brain! Who would buy this? Who would make this?! Not even Crazy Redd would touch this with a bargepole…

It's all the more horrible when you realise that we haven't stretched this image..!

It’s all the more horrible when you realise that we haven’t stretched this image..!


So there you have it – the best and worst the online craft world has to offer Animal Crossing fans. We’ll let you know if we spot more noteworthy items!

Have you seen any great Animal Crossing fan art, or products? Let us know in the comments below.

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