Villager playable in new Super Smash Bros 3DS demo

Posted by admin on September 10th, 2014

Super Smash Bros Villager

Nintendo 3DS fans in Japan are now able to download a playable demo of the upcoming Super Smash Bros 3DS from the eShop. But, because 3DS regional restrictions are locked to software, not actual geographic location, the owners of imported Japanese 3DS’ are getting to play it too… the lucky buggers.

From what we’ve seen on YouTube, the demo features one arena and 4 playable characters: Mario, Link, Mega Man, Pikachu and (wahoo!) The Villager.

So, what can we expect from our mayoral imposter? Well, his (or her) set of moves looks to include fireable gyroids, a tree that can be axed down on top of people, a bug net melee attack, a really strong balloon recovery and, perhaps most impressive of all, the ability to pocket the projectiles of others before returning them to sender.

The beehive looks like a great new AC-themed item addition to arena weapons. It can be thrown at enemies, causing them to be mobbed by a swarm of angry bees. However, if you miss your foe and the hive bursts on the ground, they’ll come after you instead. Sheesh!

It’s worth mentioning that the full game launches in Japan in just a couple of days, while the rest of us will have to wait a few more weeks. So, there’s a chance we’ll get the demo soon too… and if not, we’re Nintendo fans – we’re used to waiting. *sigh*

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