Wii U Animal Crossing release date?

Posted by admin on August 7th, 2013

There’s still no official news about an exclusive Wii U Animal Crossing game, but a new app in the eShop gives us a strong clue as to possible release date.

Nintendo today announced the launch of a new Miiverse community for Animal Crossing. The Animal Crossing Plaza is available for download as of today. Essentially, it’s Wara Wara plaza with a nice Animal Crossing themed makeover. Players can hang out with their favourite animals and access info from the Animal Crossing community. They can also easily share their New Leaf pics and QR codes.

Animal Crossing Plaza

It’s great to see everyone in one place!

Pretty cool, huh?

But that’s not all! This new download will apparently be discontinued as of Q4 of 2014. This strongly suggests that an exclusive new Animal Crossing game for the Wii U will be out, rendering this latest addition obsolete. Very exciting!!

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