WWE Versions of SSB Characters are Seriously Weird…!

Posted by admin on July 2nd, 2014

There’s not been a great deal of Animal Crossing news lately. The 1 year anniversary of New Leaf came and went, collections were completed, badges were earned, and pretty much every town event witnessed. It seems New Leaf just isn’t new any more. And, as if to make this worse, AC fans were left disappointed at the recent E3 when Nintendo failed to deliver news of a possible Wii U Animal Crossing game.

But if you’re really desperate for an AC fix, maybe this will scratch that itch until Super Smash Bros comes out in a few months. YouTuber, madagascaran, has recreated Nintendo’s much anticipated brawl-’em-up using the character editor from WWE 2K14. The results, as you will see, are genuinely sinister. The psychopathic-looking male Villager and Pikachu’s butt-cheeks will no doubt be causing some people nightmares for weeks to come…


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